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Article from the marketing and communication sector

In their expansion processes, companies usually need to update their digital content and translate it into other languages. This happens when they want to start selling in new countries, whose language is different from the company’s country of origin.

So, we often find that company websites are available in different languages, in order to reach all their potential clients as effectively as possible. Website translation is not an easy task given that it requires technical specialists to translate the specialised content of the specific sector in which the company operates.

However well a person may speak a certain language, if they are not a specialist in the sector then they may well run into problems translating certain terms and concepts. That’s why you need a translation company with native-speaker specialists in different subjects, who ensure that you end up with a quality translation.

As you know, a website is the face of a company as seen on the internet and the content published on it needs to be meticulously presented. Otherwise, if poor quality translations are done, users and potential customers who visit the website will be mistrustful.

That’s why we recommend you go to a translation company you can trust, with whom you are guaranteed the best results and who can translate all your websites, in any sector, on any subject and into any language. At Linguopolis, we provide a website translation service, both directly to companies and to Marketing and Communication agencies who need to translate their own customers’ websites.

One of the main advantages of having a translation company as a partner is that you will have the guarantee of a quality service and, apart from this, you can negotiate discounts depending on the volume of translations you require.

Thanks to our team of native-speaker, specialist translators, at Linguopolis we are able to provide our customers and Marketing and Communication agencies with quality website translation services at a competitive price, from any language and into any language.

For further information or to request a quote, please contact us.

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