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Translations of websites and digital content

Specialised translations ideal for marketing and communication agencies.

Given that marketing and communication documents get over the company’s corporate image and values and are the first impression the customer has of it, Linguópolis aims to conserve this intention in the various languages. 

In this case, it isn’t just about getting over the concept, but also the intention, which is why you need a professional translator who understands and can meet the specific requirements of each customer. 

What we most translate: advertising campaigns, catalogues, brochures, flyers and leaflets, press releases, banners, newsletters, market research studies, posters, social media content, promotional material for conferences and meetings, online marketing campaigns, internal protocols, promotional and corporate videos, websites, among others. 

Translations of websites

Translations of specialised texts

Audio transcriptions

Translation stories

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

All Linguópolis translators are native speakers of the language they are translating into and specialized in the field of the text to be translated.

The translation time is calculated based on the number of words, the combination of languages, the type of text and document (editable or not), as well as the repetitions within it, so to give an exact term we need Analyze the document first.

Yes, we apply discounts for volume and repetitions.

Yes, always with specialized interpreters.

Yes, we do sworn translations of all languages.

Yes, we translate texts of all kinds; from technical to legal, financial, medical, scientific, informative, literary, tourism, web pages…

At Linguópolis we deal with confidential documents every day. Apart from the ethics of our profession, to guarantee that privacy is maintained, we have a confidentiality agreement signed with all our collaborators.

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