Why should I outsource the translations I need for my law firm?

Legal sector article

Law firms usually work with many clients with widely differing needs: companies, private individuals and even local authorities. The wide range of matters and cases they deal with mean that they often cross borders in their work.

Therefore, they may have to translate the texts, official documents, audio of international clients and even participate in face-to-face meetings with them. As you know, the legal sector requires a very high degree of technical specialisation and therefore these translations cannot be done by anyone who has a good or even a high-level knowledge of the language in question.

Any type of legal translation requires a high degree of technical specialisation. Furthermore, if you need to submit official documents to a public body in Spain, you will need sworn translations of these, in other words translations done by a translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (a sworn translator).

At Linguopolis we have a great team of native-speaker, specialist translators capable of translating any legal text or document, and sworn translators, so we can meet the needs of any law firm. Specifically, these are the services we can provide to your law firm:


Translations of texts

At Linguopolis thanks to our great team of native-speaker, specialist translators, we are able to translate any kind of legal text. Not just that, but we can translate from any language into any language.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are translations of official documents that have to be carried out by a sworn translator. At Linguopolis we provide you with sworn translators so that you can translate and submit any official document to any public body in the country you require.

Audio transcriptions

Do you need to translate any kind of audio relating to the legal sector? At Linguopolis, we can carry out specialised audio transcriptions, covering all the requirements of law firms.


If what you need is an interpreter for a face-to-face meeting, Linguopolis will provide you with one. Our interpreting services are the solution for those translations you need to do in person. From any language and into any language


If you work at a law firm and you are looking for a translation company you can trust for your day-to-day translation requirements, Linguopolis has what you need and will be delighted to help you. Please call or write to us for a quote.

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