At Linguópolis, text in any field (legal, technical, economic, audiovisual, company literature, etc.) is translated into any language you may require. We guarantee quality results based on our attention to detail policy, and all our work is reviewed by professionals (always native speakers of the target language) specialising in the subject matter.

Apart from translation, we also offer the following linguistic services:

Standard and specialised translations

Generales y especializadas

At Linguópolis, we can handle text translations of all kinds and in whatever language combination you many need, regardless of whether it is a technical, tourism-related or medical text. To do this, we have SPECIALIST TRANSLATORS. These are professionals who – besides being native speakers of the target language – are trained and specialised in the field of your text. For example, technical texts are translated by engineers or professionals with years of expertise in the sector.

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Traducciones juradas

Sworn translations

A sworn translation is necessary when submitting documents to government agencies. They can be carried out only by a translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (sworn translator).

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If you want your meeting or visit to room smoothly, without language differences impeding the reason for holding it, contact us to assess your service needs so we can offer you ways to meet them.

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Otros servicios

Other services

  • Proofreading
  • Audio transcription
  • Text editing (single-language review in the target language)
  • Linguistic assessment

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