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The need for translations in agri-food companies

Article of the agri-food sector

Internationalisation is advancing at a staggering pace, as are specialised translations for the various sectors of business. The agri-food sector is one of the most internationalised, and therefore, one of those that will most benefit from specialised translation. However, a good translation of a specialised text is much more complicated than it may seem. Indeed, special care needs to be taken in translating texts and audio transcriptions on agri-food subjects. An incorrect translation of these texts can lead to misinterpretation, while a good translation can benefit the company in many ways.

Firstly, the correct translation of the terminology from one language into another is key. A great number of technical terms are used in the agri-food sector and on translating them into other languages, the following situations may arise: First, the term has a direct translation into the other language. Second, the word has a translation, but it is not exactly the same term as the source term. Third, the term is not translatable into the other language, in which a different term is used. In other words, the translation into another language can be complicated simply by a change in terminology. Furthermore, a translation of a text can lose the company a customer or complicate the negotiation and work process.

As well as ensuring that the translation is professional, it must also be adapted to the natural syntax and culture of the other language. Often, expressions or written forms that are considered acceptable in one language can be misinterpreted or misunderstood in another. Similarly, the text must not read as a literal translation. Rather, it must flow and be easy to understand in the new language.


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